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The client wanted a woodland themed bedroom for her newborn daughter, but had a few criteria to follow:  not too feminine, not too cartoon-y, and the inclusion of some of the modern 60's elements into the design.  The wood ceilings already created what felt like a stylized tree canopy so the theme seemed like a natural fit.


The white and walnut furniture combination speaks to the 60's.  The dresser is a vintage piece that can follow her child through to adulthood. Instead of a traditional changing station, white floating cabinets were installed along one side of the room and painted with a bold orange-red color blocking.  A changing pad sits on the ash faced plywood counter and can be removed once no longer needed, also allowing the piece to be used for many years beyond childhood.  A petrified tree stump is used as a side table at the rocking chair.


Woodland creatures are featured in the details.  A mobile above the crib is created from tree branches and felt birds and coordinate with the rattan woven light fixture, reminiscent of a bird's nest.  Foxes in top hats are featured on the area rug which adds a bit of whimsy but in a sophisticated colorway which also finds its way to the walls and curtains.  Bears are found in the artwork, and vintage prints of ferns line the walls between the floating cabinets.


The space turned out soothing, sophisticated, warm, and cool!

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