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Located in Allston, MA, Trac 75 is a luxury apartment building with top notch amenities, appealing to students, young professionals, and beyond.

The client requested a mostly neutral but inviting environment, so a variety of textures and materials were used to create interest.  Accent colors were introduced in accessories and paint that could be easily changed at the client's leisure.   


Being a rental, any changes to this blank canvas needed to be easily removable or replaceable. Personalization of the space was created by adding a splash of color on the sliding door separating the bedroom from the living space, installing a temporary wallcovering in a dramatic marble print in the bedroom, and a customizable light box as art. 


The 579 square foot unit feels more spacious than expected with well scaled furniture.  The concrete side table and acrylic coffee table are strong enough to be used as supplemental seating allow for flexibility.  The sectional sofa is reversible and can be reconfigured to change the circulation flow for entertaining.  In the bedroom, plug in wall sconces allow for the full surface of the petite nightstand tables to be utilized. 

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