The master bedroom in this home was disproportionately large so we were tasked with adding a modest bathroom and walk-in closet to make the space more functional. The bathroom is under 60 square feet, but it still has zones, thoughtful design features, and a spacious shower. a pocket door, open most of the time, keeps the room from feeling tight and avoids disrupting the main feature: the mixed moroccan style tile floor, wood plank wall and ceiling treatment, and view of the outdoors. The toilet is tucked behind a solid wall of the shower to give a private enclosure without sacrificing space for a door and swing. Except for a few colorful tiles in the shower niche, the rest of the finishes are visually quiet to allow focus on the tile and wood feature. To top it all off (or really, "bottom" it!) is a heated floormat beneath the tile to provide extra comfort during the cold New England weather.